Guide for authors

General Guidelines

  1. The paper submitted for publication must not be published or reviewed in any other journals. The authors will be solely responsible for any violation of copyright (if any).
  2. The manuscript has to be written in English or Thai only.
  3. The manuscript will be reviewed by reviewers who are experts in the field and approved by the editorial board.
  4. The journal is entitled to all copyright of the published paper.
Manuscript Requirements
  1. For Thai manuscript: use Th Sarabun, 14 point, 1.5 line spacing. For English manuscript, use Times New Roman, 12 point, 1.5 line spacing.
  2. Word limit is 8,000 including references. One table is equivalent to 250 words.
  3. Article title must be concise and clear and provided in both English and Thai.
  4. Abstract is 250 words maximum with 5 keywords. Abstract must be provided in both Thai and English.
  5. The manuscript must include author details: name, affiliate, academics title/or the highest degree obtained, and contact address. This information will be put on a separate sheet from the paper in English and Thai,
  6. The prospective contributor must proofread the manuscript to ensure correct spelling, spaces, appropriateness and the coherence of its language.
  7. Please refer to the APA Style for journal format and references (for details, see The prospective contributor is required to check the accuracy and completeness of the references.
  8. The prospective contributor must clearly state in the submission whether the submitted manuscript is an academics review or a research paper.
    An academic paper
    The topic and contents of an academic paper should be relevant to the issues discussed in the paper. These issues should be presented coherently so as to make the discussion easy to understand. Theory should be applied to the analysis of issues; the paper should be concluded with the suggestions of the writer(s).
    A research paper
    The paper should present research and its results in a systematic manner; each paper should consist of the following elements (the topic and elements may be different):
    • An introduction, which should include some statement of the research’s importance and the source of the research problems together with an overall image of the paper,
    • Literature review,
    • Research methodology, which should explain the research process, data collection and research instruments,
    • Research findings,
    • Discussion,
      • Theoretical implication,
      • Practical/Managerial implication,
      • Limitation and future research,
    • Conclusion,
    • References.
Manuscript Preparation and Paper Submission

Authors submit the manuscript in the word document format including abstract, tables and figures in a single file. Submission online at