Review Process

Chulalongkorn Business Review is a double blind peered-review journal. The papers to be published are required to be reviewed by the editorial board and at least 2 experts in the related field. The review process will be as follows:
After receiving the full paper, the editorial board will inform the prospective contributor of its receipt.
The editorial board will examine the topic and contents of the paper for their appropriateness and compliance with the objectives of the journal, its originality and significance.
      3. The paper will then be sent to 2 reviewers who are experts in the relevant field for review and assessment of the quality of the paper.  The information about the prospective contributor will not be disclosed to the reviewers and vice versa. 
      4. After the review process is completed, the editorial board will make decisions in accordance with the comments made by the experts—that is, whether the paper should be published, revised and resubmitted, rejected.